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Portable Powder Coating System CL-668-T

1. 3 pre-set coating programs are designed on the basis of COLO's rich experience, which are a great help for inexperienced users.
2. The flat part coating program is ideal for the coating of panels and flat parts.
3. The complex part coating program is designed for the coating of three dimensional parts with complex shapes such as profiles.
4. The recoating program is optimized for the recoating of parts which have already been coated.
5. CL-668-T-H is equipped with mini powder hopper. It is ideal for trial coating and small production. It is widely used in car wheels, rims and bicycle parts.
6. CL-668-T-C is a manual cup-feed powder coating unit. The cup type powder hopper is connected directly to manual gun to give the maximum flexibility.

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