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Portable Powder Coating Machine

    1. Lab Powder Coating Unit
      The Colo-900T-C lab powder coating unit is extremely applicable for powder manufacture to inspect the ...
    1. Small Powder Coating System
      The COLO-500T-H small powder coating system is built with internal detachable module with doubling voltage and the electrostatic output reaches 100KV.

Small Powder Coating System (Electrostatic Powder Coating Spray Gun)

This series of laboratory units, as well as the electrostatic powder coating spray gun, are suitable for single piece production and powder manufature. Cooperated with bracket, the prodcut can be used on the worktable for random inspection on the powder or sample product. In exquisite design, the product is easy for operaion and quick color replacement. In small volume, it is convenient for moving. Moreover, our product is inexpensive and the one-time cost is low.

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