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Automatic Powder Coating Machine, COLO-500-PGC1

Our automatic powder coating machine, COLO-500-PGC1 consists of a light PG2-A automated powder spray gun, a PGC1 controller and an integrated high voltage generator. The product performs with high penetrating powder and high powder utilization. As the spray gun is easy for dismounting, our product is convenient for maintenance and repair.

Characteristics of this automatic powder coating machine
Recommended products: complex workpieces, such as aluminum, shelves, etc.
Matching with Italy imported parts, it has high quality and long lifetime, this model is old, but it has been sold well for more than 10 years. Thanks to the good coating quality and the durability, many users still choose this model. This is why we still produce this model.
The gun cable length can be 8m or 10m or 20m, and the customerization is also available.

Technical Parameters of PG2-A Spray Gun

Rated input voltage 10 V
Frequency 17 kHz
Rated output voltage 98 kV
Polarity Negative (Positive for Option)
Maximum output current 100 A.m

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