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Lab powder coating package system

Powder coating package equipment for a lab
Lab powder booths and spray equipment
Lab spray booth Colo-S-04548-T (working size w 400mm x H500mm x D 480mm)
Lab curing oven Colo-S-4355-T (W450mm x H500mm x D350mm) Lab cup powder gun Colo-800D-T-06C

From powder spraying to finish only takes 20 minutes.
Easy and fast testing or small batch jobs
110v or 220v working voltage options for customers to choose from.

It is perfect for applying small quantities of powder and requires no additional power supply units.
The cup gun’s nozzles are interchangeable and its powder container is available in a variety of sizes.
No matter what laboratory spray booth project you’re working on, a powder cup gun can help you get it done.

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