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Powder Coating Machine CL-668

As our new product, the CL-668 powder coating machine is designed with good functions for better working. For quite convenient operation, it has function of one key to control and choose the models, including complicated corner and recess mode, recoating mode, pulse mode and flat plate model.

1. This manual powder coating machine applies the more easy spray method of combining digital and electric analogue for perfect result of coating and best control system.
2. Based on COLO technology, it realizes the high performance and efficiency.
3. Updated powder coating systems form a uniform thickness and higher quality.
4. This manual powder spray gun provides amazing adhesion for reduction of the powder using.
5. Pulse Mode
Rapidly recharges the powder for higher transfer efficiency

Parameters of the Powder Coating Machine
Weight of Gun: 500g (16.2oz.)
Length of Gun: 340mm (1.1ft.)
Power Source: AC220V/110V
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Power Consumption: 30W
Voltage Output: 100kV
Max. Current Output: 180uA
Polarity: Negative
Max. Injection Capacity: 600g (22.9oz.)/Min.
Air Consumption: MAX. 13Nm3/h
Temperature Range in use: -10~50℃ (-14~22℉)

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