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Intelligent Powder Coating Equipment COLO-800D

Description of COLO-800D Product
1.This intelligent powder coating equipment chooses the digital display and it saves much cost on coatings, as well as the working time of workers. This product is simple and effective for operation so that the operators need no special training. Moreover, it upgrades the coating effect.
2. Our product is equipped with 55L powder hopper. It is very easy to dismount the bottom of the hopper and clean the fluidizing plate.
3. Its spray gun is interchangeable with Optiselect type. The PTFE nozzle and insert sleeve are suited for coating various powder. This product is recommended to cooperate with metal silver power that is difficult to be sprayed.

This intelligent powder spray system is digital-displayed, so you can adjuster the gun voltage by pressing “+”, “-”, it is simple to operate. The main machine can be pre-programmed with 3 modes that allow you to easily coat a variety of parts such as flat shapes, corners, complex shapes and it has a recoating mode.
One set of powder coating system includes
Main machine
Powder spray gun and spray nozzles set
Cart with wheels
Powder hose, air tube, cables set
Powder injector & insert sleeve
Oil-water filter, fluidized pressure regulating valve

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