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Multi-cyclone Powder Coating Booth

Multi-cyclone powder coating booth is equipped with multi-cyclone post filter recovery system for easy moving and fast cleaning operation

Multi-cyclone System

1. With a compact structure, this system doesn't require much space.
2. The bottom of the powder hopper can be quickly removed, and the existence of side access windows makes the cleaning operation easier.

Post-Filter System

1. With multiple filters, the filter efficiency is up to 99%.
2. The precision of filer can reach 2-5 microns.
3. Advanced rotary wing filter is used for cleaning system.
4. Automatic pulse-type reverse blowing mode makes a better operation condition and a longer life time.
5. The air flow and air pressure make a more thorough clean-up.
6. Several side access windows make the cleaning easier.
7. The exhaust fan with ventilation is mounted on the top to minimize the resistance.
8. The side panels of fan room can be removed to facilitate the maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Model COLO-S-Cyclone
Booth type Multi-Cyclone
Operator dimensions 800width x 2000 height x 6000 depth
Overall dimensions
Weight 4000kgs
Power supply Electric
Nominal power 15KW
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Filters Polyester
Filter quantity 16pcs
Filters hang type easy for change
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic
cyclone 16pcs,Efficient automatic separation
Rotation wing self-cleaning cartridge filter unit 1set
Fluid hopper 1set
Warranty 12 months
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