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Cyclone Powder Coating Booth

The cyclone powder coating booth is particularly suitable for the small batch and multi color manufacturing. It has the following characteristics:
1. Adopts high efficiency cyclone separator, the separation rate in one time can reach 98%.
2. Our spray booth is made by stainless steel plate, engineering plastic plate or sandwich panel.
3. The spray booth top is designed with curved structure, it is easy to clean.
4. The spray booth bottom can be equipped with pulse jet air filter.
5. Nano membrane filter element is used for filtering the dust which size is more than 0.1 micron. The air after filtering which is very clean and can be cycled directly in the factory.
6. Because of the high quality, the filter element has long service life.

Design Features
With unique British style design, our cyclone powder coating booth can work with steady air flow, and will not produce the vortex flow, that can improve the coating efficiency of the workpiece. The powder recovery system of spray booth adopts compact modular design, it can be installed anywhere according to the customer requirements.

COLO-S-B Powder Coating Booth Features
1. With modular design, it can be installed flexibly.
2. Easy to change the paint color.
3. Equips with dust proof lighting system.
4. Our spray booth can be customized according to customer requirements.
5. Because of the excellent airflow control ability, which can improve the powder coating efficiency of the workpiece.
6. It can be connected to the recovery system quickly, so that can improve the production efficiency.

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