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Pass-Through Spray Booth

Pass-through spray booth is specially designed for the coating of small and large workpieces in powder coating line operations.
It has two diagonally opposite manual or automatic coating stations.
Simultaneous front and rear coatings make high speed coating come true.
The colo manual spray booth offers an entry level solution of powder coating, but it can also be integrated in an automatic powder coating system.

Model: COLO-S-3212
Type: pass-through
Inside dimension: 620width x 1500 height x 2920 depth (2PCS)
Outside dimension: 1200width x 2033 height x 3000 depth
Weight: 500kg
Heat source: Electricity
Nominal power: 3.5kW
Voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Filter cartridge: Polyester
Filter cartridge quantity: 3
Filter cartridge hanging type: Easy disassembly
Filter cartridge cleaning system: Pneumatic
Warranty: 12 months

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