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Powder coating booth & Recovery

    1. Filter Spray Booth COLO-S-0711
      The filter spray booth is about 1.5m long, 2m high and 1m wide. The product can be customized in required dimensions.
    1. Powder Coating Cabinet
      This spray booth is suitable for the coating of individual parts or small parts and is equipped with the basic functions required for a cost-effective system. It meets the technical requirements specified by CE.
    1. Lab Powder Spray Booth
      In size of 700×1000×1000mm, the lab powder spray booth is small and it is suitable for small scale or proofing coating.
    1. Pass-Through Spray Booth
      Pass-through spray booth is specially designed for the coating of small and large workpieces in powder coating line operations. It has two diagonally opposite manual or automatic coating stations.
    1. Walk-in Powder Coating Booth
      Walk-in booths are ideal for coating large, bulky and heavy parts. As the name suggests, after the parts are placed into the coating booth, the operator walks in and coats the parts from all sides.
    1. Multi-cyclone Powder Coating Booth
      Multi-cyclone powder coating booth is equipped with multi-cyclone post filter recovery system for easy moving and fast cleaning operation. The bottom of the powder hopper can be quickly removed, and the existence of side access windows makes the cleaning operation easier.
    1. Fast Colour Change Powder Coating Booth
      The bottom of spray booth is equipped with an automatic device. The automatic air knives keep the powders away, so there is no residual powder in the bottom. The cone bucket in the bottom can be quickly separated from the barrel for easy cleaning.
    1. Plastic Powder Coating Booth
      High-strength double plastic booth is designed to minimize powder settling on the booth wall surface, for quick cleaning. The pneumatic cleaning system at the booth bottom prevents the accumulation of powder and makes cleaning faster.
    1. Tunnel Powder Coating Booth COLO-S-3145
      Tunnel powder coating booth is equipped with rotatable hanger and rail on the top, suitable for spraying all round or cylinder parts. A manual spraying door and an automatic operating door are both available.
    1. Cartridge Spray Booth
      Powder recovery equipment is used for collecting the powder particles in the air which is discharged from the spray booth.
    1. Dual Station Spray Booth
      Each station of this spray booth is equipped with a powder recovery system, its top has the chain track, which can be hung the workpieces on the chain.

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