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Powder Coating Booth & Recovery

    1. Filter Spray Booth COLO-S-0711
      The air in the workshop is drawn into the spray booth through the powerful fan, which drags powder from the overspray towards filters for complete capture.
    1. Plastic Powder Coating Booth
      Plastic powder coating booth with cyclone recovery unit is the most efficient solution for color change in an automatic line.
    1. Multi Cyclone Powder Coating Booth
      Can be made of durable powder coated steel, stainless steel, and plastic material. Plastic booth is more recommended for easy cleaning and quick color change.
    1. Pass-Through Spray Booth
      The colo manual spray booth offers an entry level solution of powder coating, but it can also be integrated in an automatic powder coating system.
    1. Walk-in Powder Coating Booth
      As the name suggests, after the parts are placed into the coating booth, the operator walks in and coats the parts from all sides.
    1. Cyclone Powder Coating Booth
      With unique British style design, our cyclone powder coating booth can work with steady air flow, and will not produce the vortex flow, that can improve the coating efficiency of the workpiece.

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